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How Does the Relief Fund Work?


You can donate here on our website or by sending a check or money order to the P.O. Box on our contact page.


Once funds have been raised our team of volunteers match your donation to an incarcerated person on our F2L: Relief Fund Waitlist.


What Support do Incarcerated People Receive?

The F2L: Relief Fund provides $300 a month in commissary support for 3 months, or $900 in total.

We make commitments of $900 so that incarcerated F2L members have the opportunity to budget a specific set of funds and secure not only desperately needed items like food, toiletries but also things like gender affirming clothes, certain electronics, and other items that are only available to incarcerated people through purchase.


We don’t make commitments that we can’t keep and so a person on our waitlist isn’t notified until the full commitment of $900 can be made. 


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